Judith Moldavsky Davidoff

Profile Updated: May 18, 2023
Residing In: Coral Gables, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Robert A. Davidoff, M.D.
Occupation: Retired

Widowed in 2019
My late husband Bob was Prof. Emeritus of Neurology and Pharmacology, U. of Miami Sch. of Medicine

--Daughter: Sarah Davidoff, Chef/Owner of "Another Fare to Remember Catering" a boutique catering company. (The original "Fare to Remember" was forced to declare bankruptcy during Covid.) Sarah's husband David Goodman is in a care home (He developed early-onset dementia). She and their son Jacob Goodman (16 yrs) and I happy live together

--Son: Arieh Davidoff (a computer forensics expert with a B. Mus. in voice!) married to Carla Basse, their son Benjamin Elijah (10 yrs.)


B.A. Indiana University--Comparative Literature
PhD. Indiana University--English (Medieval Studies & Linguistics)


Associate Professor of English Emerita, University of Miami.

I taught at UM until 1985--specializing in Old and Middle English, History of the English language, and Linguistics--then, a long-term medical leave became permanent until I was "officially" retired at age 65.

Lifelong Hobbies:

--Reading, concerts, museums, travel (until stopped by chronic illness), crossword puzzles

--Growing orchids--it's Florida! so we have outdoor shade houses.

--Needlework of all kinds. My most elaborate project was a 52" chuppah for our daughter's wedding, but I starting knitting and sewing in junior high school. Not so much with "old, creaky hands."

Genealogy has been a serious fascination of mine, especially since DNA matches became available. I "found" a large branch of my grandfather's family that I never knew existed. Love doing the research!

Community Activities:

As some classmates have mentioned, I became committed to social justice and political action thanks to friends and programs in junior and senior high in Great Neck. In junior high, Bobbi Dancis got me involved in Adlai Stevenson's campaign; in 8th grade, Carol Cohen introduced me to "The New Republic" (with was left-of-center back then) and the Weavers. Over the years, I've demonstrated, signed petitions, sent money, and telephoned for various causes--most recently for the Obama Campaign. When my health was still good, I volunteered at a Daycare Center for Migrant-workers children, was active on (and chaired) both the Social Action and Mitzvah-Day Committees at my Temple. I currently organize a yearly fund-raising concert for the Goldstein Youth Village (Jerusalem), a residential high school for youngsters who emigrate to Israel alone/or come from distressed/dangerous homes within Israel. (The Village was founded in 1949 to take in children orphaned by the Holocaust)

Update: am now doing political work on the phone and through Zoom. My latest is being involved with the Florida ACLU voting project.


For decades my husband and I took graduate courses at the Miami Program of the world-wide Florence Melton Adult Mini-School for Jewish learning, whose courses make my mind dance! This included a text/study-based trip to Israel. If you're curious, check out: (www.fmams.org.il/default.htm):

They've been on line since Covid, so now I take them on Zoom. I'm also in two Zoom Book Clubs, and I've developed a serious interest in American history.

And, of course, there is the constant joy of having Jacob and his friends running in and out of the house.

Did You Graduate From North Or South?


Elementary School Info:

Parkville Elelmentary School on Lakeville Road in New Hyde Park

2nd grade--Miss Curtis
3rd grade--Mrs. Meade
4th grade--Mrs. Moody
5th grade--Miss Braidford
6th gade--Miss Watson

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May 29, 2023 at 3:43 PM
May 22, 2023 at 7:22 PM

Hi All

Thank you, Johnny, for your generous words about my writing.  When you and the NHP gang were out riding bikes and playing sports, I was that nerdy kid lying on the dining room rug reading the dictionary.  If the two-volume micro-version (with magnifying glass) of the 18-volume Oxford English Dictionary had been available in the 1950s, I’d probably be lying there still!  Even today, I can hear my mother saying, “Judy! Take your book outside and get some fresh air.”  Not surprisingly, I grew up to be an English professor (see my profile).

The photo of “the square dance kids” is also posted on my profile page.  It includes Betsy Kelley, Steve Levine (aka Steve Allen), Carl Botti, Anne Harte, Teresa Granada, Tony Linn, Johnny Meyers, Tom Nied, Susan Schiff, and me.  I think it was 5th grade.  Everyone was from the same class except me—I was a specially privileged outsider because Steve Levine was my boyfriend!  If anyone wants a pdf, email me at jmdavidoff@bellsouth.net.

Johnny’s envisioned “Dance Party Reunion” with 50’s music sounds like fun.  While matters are being arranged for an actual reunion, how about holding a preliminary reunion on Zoom “to start the ball rolling”?  We could chat as a group, divide into smaller “breakout groups,” and scheme about how to contact old friends who haven’t been on this site. 

I’m not suggesting Zoom as a substitute, just an uncomplicated way to meet soon without much fuss; no shlepping canes, walkers, and wheelchairs; no expense for a venue, plane ticket, hotel room, car rental (I’m in South Florida; Jack Singer is in Seattle, my cousin Dena Moldavsky Migatz is in Arizona).  I’m willing to look into arranging a Zoom account unless we already have an expert among us.

On a somber note, I have used genealogical tools to search for classmates who have not posted on this website.  I’m sorry to report that the U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014, contains the names of two of our classmates.  John Piccirillo passed away in March 2011.  Jimmy Beach left us in August 2013.  May their memories be for a blessing.

Keep well and be in touch—


May 18, 2023 at 4:00 PM
Apr 19, 2023 at 6:16 PM

Memories written from Coral Gables, FL

Vinnie Karaktin was my next-door neighbor on Leslie Lane.  The houses on our block sprung up around 1949 on a Long Island potato field, and families with young children moved in all at once.  Vinnie and I were about seven and became fast friends as young children. My memories of him and his family are filled with warmth and fondness.

Vinnie started out in a Catholic parochial school while I walked to the tiny, shingled, E-shaped Parkville Elementary built in a hurry during the Korean War.  (I can’t remember when it was torn down.)  By 5th grade, Vinnie switched to the new brick Parkville School.  He asked to be in Miss Braidford’s class with me, so he’d know someone.  He met all the neighborhood boys there and off they went on their bike and sports adventures you all have described.  I did some of the same things with the girls:  Summer bike rides to the Dairy Queen.  Wandering for hours at the 5 & 10 cent store.  Anyone go to Mr. L’s store near King Kullen to spend your allowance?  Vinnie and I also rode our bikes to skate on the pond at Tree Tops which froze solid in winter.

Besides his impressive athleticism and good looks, I fondly remember the sweet, caring side of Vinnie.  One Christmas Eve, my family helped trim the Karaktin Christmas tree.  Once his younger brother Kenny’s bicycle was under the tree, it was all the grown-ups could do to keep Vinnie from running upstairs and waking Kenny who was so hoping Santa would bring him a bike.  Another example: For a long time after his baby brother died at three days old, Vinnie sincerely wanted to be a “baby doctor.”  Yet another example:  Isolated because of whooping cough, I missed that final six weeks of 9th grade.  I was lonely, but very contagious.  Vinnie knocked on my ground-floor bedroom window all the time so we could visit through the glass. He was my only neighborhood friend who thought to do that!  When the weather was too nasty for a window visit, we even rigged up a “phone” with string and metal cans between his upstairs bedroom and a window in my attic.  Vinnie’s “being there” was a such a thoughtful and welcome relief from the “Million Dollar Movie” and The Price is Right”!  The Vinnie I knew wanted things to be "good" for others.  

All your memories about Vinnie and New Hyde Park in the 50s has made me nostalgic. A reunion of NHP kids sounds good to me too—count me in!  Too bad Vinnie can’t be with us in person. 

May his memory be for a blessing!  

Judith Davidoff

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Happy Birthday, Sophie!

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Happy Birthday! Too bad we never kept in tough after high school . . .

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Posted: May 14, 2014 at 3:11 PM
Steve Levine's father put ten Parkville School 5th- or 6th-graders on his TV talent show. We did some kind of folk dance in a circle, I think. It was thrilling to be "live" in those early days of black and white TV!

From left to right: Judy Moldavsky (me) Betsy Kelly, Steve Levine (aka Steve Allen), Carl Botti?, Ann Harte, Teresa Granada, Tony Linn, Johnny Meyers, Tom Neid, Susan Schiff
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:42 AM
The chuppah I embroidered for Sarah and David's wedding in 2005
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:42 AM
Sarah and Jacob (about 2½ yrs.) at Miami's really wonderful Metro Zoo
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:42 AM
Ari and Carla under what is now the "official" Family Chuupah. Our hoped-for grandchildren we expect to be very,very tall!
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:42 AM
Sarah, David, and baby Jacob