Student Newspapers



Two issues of Great Neck Junior High School's student newspaper, THE INKWELL, published on June 21, 1956, and January 11, 1957, with contributions from Class of 1960 classmates who graduated from both North and South High Schools.

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        June 21 1956

        Jan 11 1957

Special thanks to our North classmates Elizabeth "Betsy" Marcus (Dowling) and Steve Rosenfeld, who sent us pages from their personal copies of THE INKWELL, which we scanned to produce these digitized images.

Thanks to Diane (Rosenberg) Alexander for the following:

The post of the Inkwell brought back memories.The following is a  photo of the Inkwell staff sometime during junior high. (Not sure of the exact date, but probably 8th or 9th grade - not 7th.) 

Front row: Mike Lewis, Barbara Dancis, Paul Spiegelman, Amy Dancis, Stuart Warren.  Back row: Lois Rose, Eric Gruenstein, Ellen Kaplan, Steve Rosenfeld, Diane Rosenberg, Mr. Levitt, Sue Intrator. 
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An issue of Great Neck North High School's Class of 1960 student newspaper, TARGET 60, published March, 1959, with contributions from Class of 1960 classmates who graduated from North High School, plus an article on page 2, entitled "SOUTH OF THE BORDER," about Great Neck South classmates' activities.

        March 1959



Three issues of Great Neck North High School's student newspaper, GUIDE POST, published October 8, November 5, and November 12, 1959, with contributions from Class of 1960 classmates, including an article about a tennis match between North and South HS teams and an article about a dramatic play, Arthur Miller's "The Crucible," featuring South HS students acting in the production at South HS.

        October 8, 1959

        November 5, 1959

        November 12, 1959